Welcome to Surgical Arts Surgical Center 

At Surgical Arts Surgical Center our mission is to provide safe, quality health care in an environment that is pleasing for our patients, and rewarding for our staff. We believe that ambulatory surgery can be a positive experience. Our courteous team will strive to make your day as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Most of our specialties are those that care for women. While we don’t exclusively treat women, we are sensitive to women’s needs and concerns. Our soothing environment and compassionate staff will be there to welcome you.  We know that our patients are having elective procedures and we strive to make you feel comfortable and appreciated. Also, our more personal environment ensures that your privacy is always vigilantly maintained.

Safety is our utmost concern and is never compromised. We are certified by the AAAASF, and have Medicare approval which is the highest recognition of quality of care amongst ambulatory surgical facilities.

Once in the operating suite, the environment is quite clinical and may be intimidating. However, we keep you at ease by explaining every step of the way what is being done and why. We never forget that although this is routine for us, you may be experiencing this for the first time. Remember that the monitors, wires, technical machinery and bright lights are there to keep you safe. Once in recovery, your care is our number one concern and you will never be rushed to leave until it is safe and you are comfortable.

Located on State Street in Santa Barbara, in the beautiful new Surgical Arts Building, we are conveniently located for our patients. We are nearby other medical facilities should they be required. We are convenient to several hotels for those many patients who travel here from other areas, and we are close to restaurants and shopping for your families to enjoy while they are in town.

Other surgical centers and the hospital are great assets to our community and our surgeons use them when needed. But, for certain procedures that don’t require inpatient stays, your surgeon may choose Surgical Arts as a more pleasant alternative. We look forward to taking care of you and making your experience here outstanding.